Our chapter has a great mix of homeschooled and schooled kids. I love that in Navigators my homeschooled kids connect with other kids, both schooled and homeschooled and across other differences, through their shared interest in the outdoors, mutual respect and understanding, learning, and having fun together.

Deborah Dixon Mensch – Chapter 59 – Lafayette, CO

Stacy Wasson-Bailey

Our parents are happy to not have to go to two separate meetings and to bring all their kids to one meeting.

We have multiple families that have 3+ children.

Stacy Wasson-Bailey – Chapter 118 – Westville, NJ

The flexibility of NavUSA is what lets Chapter 58 put inclusion into action. Most of my scouts work best in very small groups, and many have needs that would get them labeled as “difficult” or worse in a traditional scout or school setting. But at Navigators, we just roll with it. It’s not just the kids that benefit though. Parents and community members volunteer in ways that feel comfortable for them. Personally, Navigators has been such a great fit.

Parker Appel – Chapter 58 – Newport News, VA

This year about 20 children from 5 schools, and their families, participated in Navigators USA Chapter 41. It impacts the community through the tangible contributions that our Navigators make to help others and preserve our natural resources, but also by providing a place where all families are welcomed to come together and take part in a scouting experience.

Erika Wayne – Navigators USA – Chapter 41 – Los Altos, CA

Navigators USA Colorado

As we’re rushing to get to Navs last night, my daughter blurted out, ‘I like being a Navigator.’ It made me proud that I was going through the effort of giving this to her. As a new leader, it’s easy to doubt from time to time.

Sara Pittman Balthazor – Chapter 103 – Colorado Springs, CO