Start a Chapter

You start by figuring out how to get a bunch of parents together for a meeting. Create a flyer announcing a meeting time and place and post the flyers in school, church, library, coffee shops, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

See who shows up and make it clear that this is a community building experience enriching the lives of both children and adults. To create a successful Navigators Chapter you need all hands on deck from the start. This should not be a drop off program like the other organizations. Sometimes that’s not possible, but give it your best shot.

Once you’ve identified a comfortable number of adult volunteers then find a space to have your meetings. Try to get a civic organization like a library, school, house of worship to sponsor you. It helps with sustainability, funding, sometimes insurance, and connection with the larger community. But it isn’t a requirement.

Then simply fill out the Chapter Registration form and email or snail mail it in. Once you’ve been accepted as a Chapter, you will need General Liability Insurance. Our broker will send you an application, but you can also get insurance locally. We try to help you with your first year’s premium until you get up and running. Just ask for a 50% subsidy. 


Thank you for considering Navigators USA. Please contact us if you need additional information, and visit our public Facebook page.


Find a Chapter