Start a Chapter

P1090459-webIn order to start a new chapter you need:

  • Two adult leaders (pending a background check and its review by us)
  • Five children (no official age limits, we only make recommendations on this)
  • A place to meet (We strongly recommend finding a sponsoring organization such as a school, community center, library or religious organization.)
  • An approved application

To get started:

Review and fill out the application form and send it to info@navigatorsusa.orgUpon completion and approval, you may begin activities and get to the important work of strengthening your community with an inclusive scouting organization.

Once the new Chapter is approved, our insurance broker will send you an application for general liability and accident coverage. The National office will subsidize half the annual premium if you request for financial need. Your sponsoring organization may put you on their policy as well (the latter generally will not cover you on excursions). We ask for a contribution once you are up and running, which may take over a year. We suggest $150 per Chapter, but any amount you can afford will be sufficient and appreciated by the entire organization.

Thank you for considering Navigators USA. Please contact us if you need additional information, and visit our public Facebook page.

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