Our mission is to help children and their parents spend more time outdoors, getting to know what nature has to offer while getting to know each other. By using unstructured play with curriculum, we promote interpersonal skills along with achievement.

Why We Do It

We need to prepare the next generation to take care of the planet and themselves.

Sedentary lifestyle due to television and computer viewing is responsible for much of the child obesity and health problems that continue to grow at alarming rates. Simple walking, climbing and other outdoor activity burn significant calories while familiarizing children with the beauty and power of nature. It does not require the preparation, expense or athletic skills of organized sports. It’s simply an alternative for some children and parents.

Traditional scouting organizations are on the decline in certain populations and we need to address all children. There are over 16,000 homeless children in New York City as of October 2009. The number of children in poverty is growing across the nation. We need to lend a hand and give both children and parents some relief, some space, some air.