Our mission is to strengthen communities in America through scouting. By encouraging whole families to participate, Navigators USA goes beyond youth development to community development where neighbor meets neighbor, children meet adults, and everyone meets nature! 

A recent New York Times article states – “Family and community are eroding in America – drug deaths and suicide are way up, marriage and two-parent households are way down.”  It concludes, “Marriage is hard. Raising kids is harder. These undertakings become more feasible only when they are supported by a very local, very human network of institutions…”

The Navigator USA “Family Scouting” model helps parents lighten the burden while widening their horizons and having fun. Participating in outdoor scouting activities develops social and personal skills, reduces isolation, and creates life-long bounds.  

Over 250 Navigators Chapters help communities across the country.  The Navigator movement is more than just fun and learning, it is vitally important to the health of our nation. We need to lend a hand and give both children and parents some relief, some space, some air.