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Nondenominational scouting members firmly believe that individuals should show respect and understanding for the religious beliefs of others. We do not associate ourselves with any particular religion, and expect our members to be open-minded and tolerant of various faiths and no faith at all. It is our conviction that the only way we are going to survive as a species is to respect our differences and learn to live together regardless of our beliefs.
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Activities we Cover in Nondenominational Scouting

The main activities we cover under non-denominational scouting include outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, riding, tubing, skating, skiing, boarding, sports events, Yoga, meditation, games, team building challenges, survival skills, arts & crafts, community service etc.

Why Choose Navigators USA

Navigators USA follows a secular initiative that helps to provide equitable opportunities for every individual to reach their highest potential without any religious favouritism.

The main reasons why people choose Navigators USA are:

The Equality Of People | Navigators USA

People of different religious faith or no religious faith have an equal say

There is no distinction, irrespective of age, gender, or religious belief.

Youngsters and children develop into adults with experience dealing with all challenges in life.

Youngsters and children develop into adults with experience dealing with all challenges in life.

Life Skills | Navigators USA

You learn a lot of life skills.

Members Policy | Navigators USA

All members follow an inclusive policy.

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Nondenominational Scouting Questions Answered

You should join this group because no matter what religion you are from, you will belong with us. Nondenominational scouting is about being all-inclusive and tolerant towards diversity.
It is free to join nondenominational scouting
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How much does Nondenominational Scouting cost?

It is free to join our scouting program from.
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