Navigators USA was founded in 2003 by a group of volunteers who had previously led Boy Scout Troop 103 in East Harlem, the first Troop started in a homeless shelter, sponsored by All Souls Unitarian Church.
The volunteers felt it critical to offer more choices within the scouting community, even if it required the creation of a new organization. They came up with the name and moral compass of  Navigators USA, an all gender, secular, non-discriminating scouting alternative.
During the first 4 years they wrote their curriculum and published their handbooks with the help of McGraw-Hill. They spent another 4 years testing their model growing slowly to 6 Chapters. In 2011 they built their first website and Facebook page in the hopes that others would find us. They did. We grow at a steady pace of two new Chapters a month with over 275 as of Fall 2019.