All age groups are recommendations. Leaders can agree to change the age requirements to fit their needs.

StargazersStargazer Badge

Stargazers is recommended for boys and girls ages 5 and 6. Introducing children to the concept of a club with outdoor activities that stimulate both mental and motor skills.

Junior NavigatorsJunior Navigators MiraJunior Navigators VegaJunior Navigators Polaris

Junior Navigators is recommended for boys and girls ages 7-11. Through games, crafts, excursions to museums, nature walks and camping, children build camaraderie, character and a basic understanding of the world and cultures around them.

Senior NavigatorsSenior Navigators Badge PilotSenior Navigators TrackerSenior Navigators ShadowSenior Navigator Badge

Senior Navigators is recommended for boys and girls ages 11-18 and beyond. Advancements through the levels are based on experience and knowledge. Children take control of their lives.

Achievement AwardsMoral Compass Badge Environment BadgeP_swimSailing Badge

These awards represent intensive study and mastery of specific skills such as Sailing, Ecology, Hiking, Cooking, First Aid, Biking, Civic Pride, and many others.