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      1. Is there a place to contact other leaders?

Yes, there is a Facebook page for both general questions (https://www.facebook.com/groups/453319718387067) and for leaders  (https://www.facebook.com/groups/178147732332641

2. What should my first step be?

Review the Leaders Guide (provide link) then send in your application (provide the link)

3. How do I get the word out?

In most cases, if you build it, they will come.  Pick your core group and share information with those who seem to be a good fit.

4. Do we need insurance?

Yes, you can either provide your own; get a sponsor to put you on their policy, or use the company Navigators works with.  Use fundraisers or divide the cost between the member families to pay for it.  The cost is ~$500-600/year.  Navigators USA will cover 50% of your first year.

5. Where can we meet?

Anywhere is fine.  If you have a sponsor they may allow you to use their space.  If someone has access to a meeting room, club house co-op, library, parks and recreation centers, or community or nature center that can work.  Outside is always a good option.

6. How often should we meet?

Your choice.  Some meet once a week, some twice a month, some once a month, and some quarterly.  Each meeting format will require a different structure, but all are possible it just depends on what works for you and your group.

7. When will it be safe to meet in person again?

The $10,000 question.  Each chapter will have to use the national and local guidelines to determine this answer.  It is always great to meet outside, but whatever you decide the goal is always to keep the kids safe.