Navigating 2016

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Dear Navigators,

As we oscillate between snow blizzard and heat wave this crazy winter, it is time to set priorities for 2016. But first, here are some thoughts on where we are today.

First, I want to thank all the Chapter Leaders for helping with the Razoo crowdfunding campaign. It was a great success and fulfilled our goal of raising enough money to keep the insurance subsidies for another year. Yay!

A big “Thank You” to our retiring Board Member, Elizabeth Vesto, who helped us over the years, hosting our first National Meeting in Palatine, IL, writing the “How to Start a Chapter” brochure and giving us great counsel during Board Meetings. We wish her well and thank her again for her contribution.

A shout out to our new Board Member, Nicole Lorsong, of Chapter 108 Portland, formerly of Chapter 58 Newport News. She ran our booth at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly last year and has put together great curriculum for her local Chapter. She is heading up our Leader’s Handbook Committee which she will need a lot of help with. Please feel free to contact her.

We will have a booth at this year’s General Assembly June 22 – 26th in Columbus, OH. If anyone wants to participate please contact me.

So what else are we up to?

We are in the process of redesigning our website to make it easier to navigate as well as adding content.
Patches continues to be a priority; how to find them and how to use them for both Juniors and Seniors.
Fundraising that doesn’t rely on Chapter participation such as: meeting with people of high net worth, identifying foundations and other grant opportunities. In order to apply to many of these charities we will need metrics that show the impact of Navigators USA on children. This means conducting surveys of the Chapters. It is critical for the health of our movement that Chapters participate.

Our next Web meeting topic will be the Leader’s Handbook, we hope you will join us.

Now bundle up and get outside!

ddff7646-ff86-48f3-901b-24a839b5dc64Robin Bossert
Volunteer Executive Director

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