A Focus on Community

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Chapter 73 in Crown Point, IN is making waves in their community by making scouting accessible to kids from diverse economic backgrounds. In the fall, chapter 73 started a scholarship program and brought focus to the importance of diversity in the community.


“This is our second year and our first year offering a scholarship. For us, it happened organically — a family we know had foster children who loved the idea of it and we just forged ahead decided it was time. We were lucky enough to have collected gently used shirts that were outgrown or given to us by former members so the actual ‘cost’ for us was negligible, though we plan to cover costs of outings in the future. In addition to annual dues of $25 per child, our kids and families have had a lemonade stand and large garage sale, which helped to cover our costs. When we tried to form an official scholarship policy, we decided that at this point, we will extend them when we are asked to do so without qualification. We just want kids to come experience and learn — the rest will take care of itself. In addition to the scholarships, we have the awesome opportunity to partner with the First Grade educators at a nearby school that serves underserved and underprivileged students — we’ve made badges for them and share our curriculum and supplies to help them with an after school reading program called ‘Stars.’ We hope to expand this relationship in the future.

At our September meeting, we focused on community and how we are all different and yet so important to the whole. We had the kids review what they had done in their community in the past year and were blown away by all that they had contributed while having a great time. The list included making soup for the pantry, making care kits for the homeless, raising funds for the animal shelter, caroling and bringing Christmas to a new Habitat for Humanity family, making ‘rockstar bags’ for kids with learning disabilities, working at a carwash to raise funds for a cure for Rett Syndrome, brought donations to a wildlife rehabilitation center, handed out flowers at a Memorial Day service, AND the kids earned badges by completing 13 Good Deeds in the community and performing 10 things to help protect their planet.

Thank you SO much for the opportunity Navigators USA offers for our families.”

-Sarah Mays, Co-leader Ch 73

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